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Welcome to DFV ASESORES Costa Rica, via


In you will find information about DFV ASESORES and its accounting services, human resources services, administrative services, ERP and accounting system and legal services, as well as other information that can be accessed from computers or mobile devices . In order to do so, you as a user must accept the Terms and Conditions of the page, which are below.


Please read carefully, because to enter our site you must accept our TERMS AND CONDITIONS of use of the site and all its subdomains. If you do not accept these TERMS AND CONDITIONS you should not enter. Likewise and jointly, the PRIVACY POLICY must be accepted. Both documents are considered the same unit. The entrance to the site implies the acceptance of both documents.


Given the previous warning, if you enter the site, it is assumed that you have physical and legal capacity, and that you have read and understood these TERMS AND CONDITIONS, accepting them in their entirety, as well as the PRIVACY POLICY.


This document creates a legal and contractual relationship between users who enter the page www.dfvasesores.comand we, DFV ASESORES, therefore, entering under the aforementioned obliges users to comply with and respect the site under these TERMS AND CONDITIONS together with the PRIVACY POLICY.


These TERMS AND CONDITIONS can be modified at any time by the will of DFV ASESORES, based on many reasons, but, especially, updates to the site, so each time a user enters, they must identify if there are new updates. The last update is the one indicated under the initial title of this document, TERMS AND CONDITIONS. In this understanding, DFV ASESORES may modify at any time, and without prior notice, these TERMS AND CONDITIONS or any other Policy, including the Privacy Policy, that is published on the platform, and the user is subject to such modifications or revisions from its publication or update, otherwise you will not be able to access it.


The acceptance of these TERMS AND CONDITIONS implies the acceptance of the PRIVACY POLICY of the site, and vice versa. It is also the user's obligation to enter said policy in order to read, understand and accept it.



- Browse the site and its subdomains.
- Access to the Finanza Pro accounting system (access and use of the Finanza Pro system is exclusive to active DFV clients).
- Send suggestions and request information.

  • Read news and articles.

  • Send the Curriculum Vitae through the Employment Application form.


DFV ASESORES is the owner of all the contents of the site, such as text, graphics and photographs, logos, button icons, images, audio clips, digital downloads, data compilations, standards, as well as trademarks, signs, emblems, insignia , patents, designs, computer programs, as well as any other property protected by copyright such as texts, drawings, flyers, blogs, magazines, articles, advertising, photographs, videos and the like.


In the case of global ISO intellectual property rights, DFV ASESORES will enforce it on its behalf.


Reproduction, duplication, copying, sale, resale or any property of DFV ASESORES contemplated on this page is prohibited, unless there is official authorization from a legal representative of DFV ASESORES.



DFV ASESORES, as owner of the site grants a limited use license to the user upon entering the page. You do not acquire any rights by accessing and using our site. The use of this site does not grant you any type of acquired right, only limited use.


The fact that you download the content to your computer or any other device, will be understood under the use of a restricted and controlled license for personal or business use, and to acquire our products, however, you will not be able to download it permanently, or transfer it, or assign it, nor sell it, nor modify it.


You may not enter files or source codes, less copy, transform or use them for commercial purposes, even individually. Trying to do it and/or achieve it, will make you creditor of all the corresponding civil, criminal and administrative actions, and if it is about crimes, that is how they will be denounced.




When entering our site you accept these TERMS AND CONDITIONS and the PRIVACY POLICY, for this the site remembers the computer and certain characteristics of yours to store that acceptance, as well as the so-called "cookies", which are stored in databases data.


By accepting the entry and storage of this data, it is considered a voluntarily consented act, and for this reason article 5 "Principle of informed consent" of the Law for the Protection of the Person against the processing of their personal data No. 8968 applies.


The data collected will only be used by DFV ASESORES for the purposes of sending information related to the site and  page views while browsing. The database will be kept by DFV ASESORES and will not be shared or delivered in any way, except as stated here.


DFV ASESORES will not be responsible for problems that arise from communication or connectivity on the internet, which affect the service, due to causes not attributable to DFV ASESORES. In the same way, neither for electricity problems, performance failures or online failures, errors, omissions, interruptions or blackouts, or computer viruses. The same will happen in case of national emergencies, such as hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes, floods and in general any natural disaster.


Therefore, users may not impute any responsibility to DFV ASESORES, nor demand payment for lost profits, consequential, indirect or consequential damages by virtue of damages resulting from the situations indicated in this section.




If users send comments or suggestions either in text or photographs or images or, in any way, from the CONTACT option, it will be understood that they do so free of charge and in order to collaborate with the performance of DFV ASESORES services. and of the site, who will not address claims of any nature, especially in cases where such suggestions can be accepted and/or implemented by DFV ASESORES.


By sending said comments and/or suggestions, the user freely transfers their property to DFV ASESORES so that it can be used without limitation and permanently.


If said information contains personal data of the sender, it will be sent with the informed consent referred to in the Personal Data Protection Law No. 8968.




This site is governed by the laws of Costa Rica and by international treaties. Any violation or acts that threaten our site and intellectual property rights, or other assets, authorize us to resort to the judicial and administrative channels of the case.

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