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FD-08 V.01 Revision 15-May-2023

Update 5-Jun-2023

Approved by General Manager.

Ensure the continuity of the operations of DFV Asesores, through an Information Security Management System that is continuously improved to preserve the confidentiality, integrity and availability of its information assets, as well as the equipment and technological services used.


To achieve compliance with this policy, DFV undertakes to:

  • Establish information security objectives.

  • Identify, mitigate or eliminate integrity, confidentiality and availability risks, to reduce their potential impact on operations.

  • Comply with the applicable requirements related to information security.

  • Motivate and educate staff about the importance of complying with information security policies.​

Information must be adequately protected regardless of the form it takes or the means by which it is shared, stored or backed up, whether printed, stored digitally, transmitted by mail or electronic means, projected or communicated orally.

Therefore, the following safety principles should be considered:

Information Integrity: Keep the information exactly as it was generated, without being manipulated or altered by unauthorized persons or processes.

Confidentiality: Ensure access to information only to those people who have the proper authorization. Prevent disclosure of information to other unauthorized persons, organizations, or processes.

Availability: Give access to information and systems to authorized persons at the time they require it.

Reliability: Ability to prove the occurrence of an event or action performed and its origin.

Non-repudiation: Ability to prove the occurrence of an event or action performed and its origin.

Authenticity: Ability to prove identity or ensure that a user is who they say they are.

Transparency: Ability to provide traceability to the information through access to the corresponding records.

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