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WELCOME TO DFV Costa Rica. This site belongs to DFV COSTA RICA, the representative in Costa Rica of the brand and commercial name of the DFV COSTA RICA establishments, which will hereinafter be known as DFV Costa Rica.

Please read carefully, because to enter our site you must accept our PRIVACY POLICY of the site and all its subdomains. If you do not accept this PRIVACY POLICY you will not be able to enter.


Entering once the above has been noted, assumes that you have physical and legal capacity, that you have read and understood this PRIVACY POLICY, accepting it in its entirety.


This PRIVACY POLICY can be modified at any time by the will of DFV Costa Rica, based on various reasons, but, especially, updates to the site, so each time a user enters, they must identify if there are new updates. The latest update is the one indicated under the initial title of this document, which says PRIVACY POLICY. In this understanding, it is clear that DFV Costa Rica may modify and/or revise this PRIVACY POLICY or any other Policy or regulation or the TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR USE OF THE SITE at any time and without prior notice, which are published on the platform. , and the user agrees to be subject to such modifications or revisions from its publication or update, otherwise you will not be able to access.


Acceptance of this PRIVACY POLICY implies acceptance of the TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR USE of the site, and vice versa. It is the user's obligation to enter these TERMS AND CONDITIONS in order to read, understand and accept them.



There are public data that are those collected by the internet, and that are not personal, but of general use, that is, they do not identify the user, but generate statistics, trends, etc. Such data is not protected by this Policy.


There are private data that are collected in several ways: (1) by the use of the site, such as the location from which the site was accessed, (2) those that are provided voluntarily through filling out forms, answering emails, boxes or systems Similar. In all these cases, almost always, sensitive personal data is collected, such as name, age, date of birth, place from where transactions are made, purchasing habits, purchase history, etc. Sensitive personal data is protected by this Policy.



By accepting this policy, users authorize DFV Costa Rica to use their personal and sensitive data for various purposes. Among them: (1) to improve the service, because the more we know our customers, the better we will be. For example: to optimize the delivery of products. (2) To send offers according to your tastes. (3) To send information according to your wishes. (4) Conduct satisfaction and service improvement surveys.



Yes. However, users must be aware that, by accepting this policy, they do so with the knowledge of what is called INFORMED CONSENT, in accordance with the provisions of the Law for the protection of individuals against the processing of their personal data ( Law No. 8968) and its Regulations (Executive Decree No. 37554-JP). This means that users agree that we use their data in the terms of this policy.



Yes, for this you must write a indicating that you wish to be excluded from the database and providing the email you wish to unsubscribe, once the request is received, DFV Costa Rica will proceed to exclude your information from the database and will respond your request. You can also unsubscribe through the communications you receive, by selecting the option called "manage preferences" that appears in the footer of the emails.



A cookie is a file that requests authorization to park or download on your computer. When the cookie is accepted, web traffic is authorized and the user is recognized on a future visit and is useful when visiting the site.


Our site uses and authorizes cookies to collect your movements within the page, the frequency, and the number of visits.


You can delete cookies from your computer if you do not want the pages to recognize you, but you lose help that the same page can provide and you may miss opportunities that the site offers you.


In addition to what is stated in the TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR THE USE OF THE DFV Costa Rica WEBSITE policy, accepting the entry and storage of your data is considered a voluntarily consented act, and therefore article 5 "Principle of informed consent" of the Law for the Protection of the Person against the processing of their personal data No. 8968 and its regulations.


The personal information provided will be processed and stored on servers or magnetic media that maintain high standards of security and high-quality physical and technological protection. However, it cannot be guaranteed that the information stored cannot be violated by malicious third parties. In view of this, users exonerate DFV Costa Rica from liability for any improper use that third parties may make of the information collected. The same situation will occur due to failures not attributable to DFV in its systems, servers and platforms.


The previous point includes the illegal intrusion of hackers, either in the servers and databases of DFV Costa Rica as related companies. To date, no system has guaranteed complete security, so we strive to keep information secure with high levels of protection, but we are not immune to attack. Therefore, users may not impute any responsibility to DFV Costa Rica or demand payment for lost profits, consequential, indirect or consequential damages by virtue of damages resulting from the situations indicated in this section.


This site is governed by the laws of Costa Rica and by international treaties. Any violation or acts that threaten our site and intellectual property rights, or other assets, authorize us to resort to the judicial and administrative channels of the case.

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