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Outsourced CFO services

An accounting firm provides outsourced CFO services. The firm offers solutions such as booking-keeping, payment processing, reports filing, and expenditure oversight on behalf of businesses. These accounting firms perform most of their duties online or through the cloud platform, which is usually linked to the main office for instant feedback and communication.

CustomOne CFO & Controllers is a reputable accounting company that offers professional assistance in matters such as cash flow management, fiscal reporting, and monetary planning.

With our 15 years of experience in the industry, we have withstood the test of time, and we’re truly committed to what we do.  

Are you running a startup company and you don’t have the budget to pay a fulltime finance executive? Then outsourcing would be a better option since it’s cheaper and is usually done on-demand.

On the other hand, some companies hire accounting firms to benefit from their immense expertise in financial matters.

In-house Accounting vs. Outsourced CFO. Which One is Better?

Generally, enlisting the services of an outsourced CFO is better. That's because it helps create more office space that would have otherwise been used by hiring a permanent executive.

By choosing CustomOne CFO & Controllers, you will also cut down on your payroll and operational costs significantly.  You won't have to buy expensive office equipment or software to manage your finances. We are a self-sufficient company with all the latest accounting tools at our disposal.

How Much do Accounting Firms Charge for Their Services?

There’s no fixed price. The charges usually depend on the type of financial services you’re seeking. That’s because some services cost higher than others due to their complex nature. For instance, companies may have to pay more for emergency tax preparation and filing services than general booking because of the tedious processes involved with the e reformer activities.

At CustomOne CFO & Controllers, our rates are quite affordable. We value providing professional financial services more than just making profits. Our packages are also tailor-made to suit each client’s specifications. As such, it’s unusual for any two companies to pay the same rates since their needs are different.

Improved Transparency with External CFO Solutions

One of the immediate benefits of outsourcing your company’s CFO department is that you’ll get honest insights about your firm’s finances from the perspective of an external accountant who has no personal interests in the organization.

Sometimes, employees may want to hide something that implicates them in a wrongful financial transaction to cover their tracks. But since an external executive stands to gain nothing from falsified reporting, there would be no motivation to present any modified documents.

Remote CFO Services with a Difference

At CustomOne CFO & Controllers, we are a cut above the rest when it comes to financial management. Moreover, our services are suitable for all small and medium-sized businesses operating in different sectors of the economy.

Our virtual accountants are also fully-qualified and highly experienced to handle any scope of financial work you may have. For outstanding outsourced CFO services, get in touch with us today on 515- 971-9096.

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Outsourced CFO services